Curriculum Intent for PE

The aim of physical education at Holy Cross Catholic Primary School is to promote an enjoyment for sports, fitness and healthy lifestyles. We teach our pupils the knowledge to be able to participate and be effective in a sport so that this becomes an integrated life skill that stays with our pupils beyond their time with us. Through a wide range of sporting activities, clubs, competitions and festivals being offered to our children, we aim to build upon not only their physical abilities but also their resilience, self-discipline, confidence and teamwork skills – lifelong values which are required not only in all subjects but in all walks of life.

PE lessons at Holy Cross 

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PE Curriculum Overview 2023 2024

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PE Implementation

In EYFS, PE is one of the Prime Areas of Learning and the development of gross motor skills underpins the development of fine motor skills such as reading, writing and attention. Therefore, PE is given lots of focus and is encouraged using both indoor and outdoor provision. EYFS also have a one-hour PE lesson each week which focuses on developing a particular skill using a varied range of equipment.

In KS1, children are taught a one-hour long PE session as well as having an hour Forest school lesson each week (every other week for year 2). Our PE curriculum has been carefully planned to ensure that children have access to a variety of different sports. Children build on the fundamental skills taught in EYFS and aim to master basic skill movements such as running, throwing, jumping and catching as well as beginning to develop balance, agility and coordination. Children are introduced to team games as well as individual sports. Basic tactics are introduced to the children as well as competitive sports whether that be competing against other children, teams or themselves.

In KS2, children are taught two, one-hour long PE session a week teaching a variety of invasion games, dance, gymnastics, swimming (Year 4) or outdoor adventurous activities. Children learn how to apply all skills taught throughout their school journey in isolation and combination. They develop an understanding of how to improve, evaluate themselves and others and recognise their own success. There is a bigger focus in both competition against themselves or other children for example in athletics. Children are also provided with swimming lessons throughout Year 4 to allow them to meet the objectives outlined in the National Curriculum.

PE is adapted when necessary to ensure it is fully inclusive and all children are engaged. Throughout KS1 and KS2, class teachers follow the PE Progression of Skills Document. The aim of this is to see a clear progression of skills throughout their school journey. Holy Cross is currently achieving Bronze Standard in the Schools Games Mark. We also provide breakfast club, after school clubs and sports activities outside of school.

As a whole school, we run OPAL (Outdoor Play and Learning) during break time and lunchtime for the children.