Attendance Matters

Thank you to all those parents who work hard to ensure their children get to school each day, and arrive on time!  Well done!.  Attendance is expected to be above 95% to be classed as ‘good’.

As we know, children who have good attendance make better progress, and generally achieve higher grades than children with poor attendance.

Our attendance target is 96%!

For the Autumn term 2020, in Years 1 to 6 attendance was 94% overall (excluding Nursery and Reception  as they have a staggered start to the year).

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is not possible to publish current attendance figures at the moment.  The school is, however, monitoring engagement with remote learning. Prior to lockdowns, the school attendance was improving.  Thank you!

Parents are asked not to take children out of school during term time for holidays or trips; this could result in a fine.  Please see the school attendance policy for more information.