In November 2018, Bishop Patrick asked us to promote his three spiritual themes of: Encounter (to call), Discipleship (to build) and Missionary Discipleship (to send). Throughout the year, we focus on one of these spiritual themes and explore what that might mean for us as Christians. At Holy Cross, the theme of ‘Encounter’ will be explored during the Advent term (Autumn term), ‘Discipleship’ during Lent (Spring term), and ‘Missionary Discipleship’ in the Pentecost term (Summer term).


Bishop Patrick would like to ensure that people of all ages in our parishes, schools, and chaplaincies are helped to discover, or discover more deeply, the importance of a personal ENCOUNTER with Christ; so that they can become convinced that they are each loved by God and are invited to grow in their relationship with him. When do we encounter Jesus in our lives? How can we encounter Jesus in our lives?


With the personal encounter with Christ, Bishop Patrick would like to encourage each of us to hear and respond to his invitation to be his DISCIPLES, to follow him more closely, and to seek to serve him generously in our daily lives. Being a disciple means following a teacher or a way of life. It’s where we get the word discipline from. It reminds us that to follow Jesus we have to live like him and shape our lives in a way that reflects who he was and what he taught. How can you be a disciple of Jesus? What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus?


With a greater recognition of, and openness to, the help, guidance, and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we can all become MISSIONARY DISCIPLES; faith-filled, joyful, and outward-looking Christians who bear witness to His love in our service of our brothers and sisters, especially those most in need. How can you live out Jesus’ mission to others? How can you spread the word of Jesus near and far? How can we do God’s work here on earth?

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