Curriculum Intent for Design and Technology

In Design and Technology, children will develop their language, creativity and problem-solving through opportunities to design and make products that solve real, and relevant, problems within a variety of contexts. Children will explore, and evaluate, significant events and individuals in the fields of engineering, architecture, textiles and food to gain an understanding of those who have helped shape the world around them. Children will be supported and challenged to develop their confidence, their proficiency in a range of skills and to consider their own, and others’, needs, wants and values when creating their products. This will develop their ability to work independently, to collaborate respectfully with others, to experiment and take risks, to innovate and to problem solve – all fundamental skills they will need to succeed in education and in adult life, and to make a positive contribution to society for the common good.

Design And Technology Long Term Plan 2023-2024 and beyond

Design and Technology Progression Map

DT Lesson Skeleton