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Welcome to the Year 5 and 6 page. Here you will find lots of information about the exciting things that we have been doing this year...


20/12/19 - Christmas Jumper Day


18/12/19 - Christmas Dinner


20/12/19 - Year 5 and Year 6 Christmas Decorations Morning

Parents are welcome to join us from 9:00am to 10:30am to help us make Christmas decorations!

20/12/19 - Christmas Carol Service


19/12/19 - Christmas Pantomime


18/12/19 - Christmas Fair and Santa!

11/12/19 - 13/12/19 - The Briars (Year 6)


4/12/19 - KS2 Menphys Concert


5/12/19 - KS2 Advent Mass


4/12/19 - KS2 Cross Country


2/11/19 - Year 5 Love Laughing Workshop


29/11/19 - Year 5 and 6 Dodgeball Competition


27/11/19 -and 28/11/19 - Anti-Bullying Workshops 


20/11/19 - Year 5 Reconciliation


26/11/19 - Our Patron of Reading Visits Holy Cross - Steve Skidmore


25/11/19 - British Values Week (Individual Liberty)


22/11/19 - Wear Red to Show Racism the Red Card


21/11/19 - Year 5 Class Liturgy


20/11/19 - Year 6 Reconciliation

This morning, Father David visited Year 6 for a special service of Reconciliation. This gave us a chance to reflect on anything that we may have said, thought or done that we needed to say sorry to God for and also gave us the opportunity to put this right with Him.


20/11/19 - Orchestra Unwrapped Concert


18/11/19 - Anti-Racism Week

This week, we are focussing on anti-racism and how 'change starts with us'. Each class will be completing various activities to help them understand what racism is and how we should respect each others' differences.


14/11/19 - Year 6 Class Liturgy

Well done to all of the Year 6 children who led an amazing class liturgy today focussed on commitment. The rest of the school thoroughly enjoyed finding out more about your talents that you are clearly very committed to!


13/11/19 - No Pens Wednesday

Today we all enjoyed focussing on our speaking and listening skills! We didn't use a pen or pencil all day - including the teachers! We enjoyed making our Egyptian Shadufs, using discussion and sorting activities for anti-bullying week and even cycled on a 'smoothie bike' which made us some very tasty smoothies!


1/11/19 - Anti-Bullying Week

This week, children in all classes will be learning what bullying is using our motto:

They will also discuss different types of bullying including cyber bullying, emotional, physically and being a bystander. They will discuss different scenarios including what to do if they ever experience bullying or see someone being bullied:


11/11/19 - Remembrance

At 11 o clock, we had 2 minutes silence in order to remember those who have died in the war.


8/11/19 - Sportshall Athletics

Half of the Year 5 and 6 children went to Aylestone Leisure Centre today to compete in the Sportshall Athletics competition... and we came back with a gold trophy for coming FIRST! We are incredibly proud of all of the children who competed. Now, we will be representing West Leicestershire in the finals in January.


7/11/19 - All Dominican Saints' Mass

All Dominican Saints' Mass was celebrated by KS2 children today at Holy Cross Church. During the Mass, the children read very clearly and their singing was beautiful. Well done everybody.


6/11/19 - Year 5 Poetry Project

Today, children in Year 5 started a 10 week poetry project, led by the poet, Owen Wilson. The children will have a session a week, focussing on different aspects of poetry, before performing their poems at the Y Theatre in the spring term.


6/11/19 - Year 5 and 6 Able Maths Day

Two children from each class took part in an able maths day today which was held at our school. They enjoyed taking part in various mathematical activities led by a maths consultant, Hazel Large, along with children from other schools.


5/11/19 - Drugs Prevention Workshop

Today, we found out more about the impact of drugs on our bodies as part of our topic work. We listened very carefully to the information that our visitor told us.


1/11/19 - All Saints' Day

During the Mass today, the children read very clearly and their singing was beautiful. Well done everybody!


31/10/19 - Year 5 and Year 6 trip to Welland Park

Today, Year 5 and Year 6 visited Welland Park in Market Harborough. When the children were there, they took part in four different physical activities, investigating how each one affected their heart rate. They recorded their results which they will be using, once back at school, to draw bar charts and line graphs.


29/10/19 - Chaplaincy Team

Today, members of our school Chaplaincy team, attended a special training session with Mr Shannon (the Chaplain for our school and the other schools in our Academy Trust). At this session, the children worked together to plan a whole school liturgy.


28/10/19 - Diwali

This morning, Ms Neill led a special liturgy to mark Diwali: The Festival of Light. We learnt a little about this special festival which is celebrated each year by our Hindu and Sikh brothers and sisters.


22/10/19 - Year 5 Sports Festival

Year 5 had lots of fun today having a go at lots of different physical activities at Crown Hills. We are very proud of you all!


11/10/19 - Cross Country Festival

Lots of children in KS2 travelled to Knighton Park today to compete in a cross country festival. We are so proud of them all for trying their best!


10/10/19 - World Mental Health Day

Today, we spoke out about the importance of mental health and agreed that it is ok to not feel ok.


9/10/19 - Harvest Mass

Thank you to everyone who contributed something to our Harvest display today. Your donations are very much appreciated and produce will be donated to local charities.


4/10/19 - Our Best Book

This afternoon, Sandy Gibbons visited us and introduced the project ‘Our Best Book.’ She will return later in the year to see which of the 20 books she has left we like the most.


3/09/19 - National Poetry Day

Today, we marked National Poetry Day! Each class had a different focus. In Year 6, the children explored (and performed) the poem The Owl Looked Out of the Ivy Bush (by Charles Causley). In Mr Sutton's class, the children discussed a poem called Gingerbread Man by Joseph Coelho using Circle Time to reflect upon the theme of bullying. In the other Year 5 class, the children explored The Magic Box by Kit Wright. After reading it, they created their own versions.


1/10/19 - School Council Training

Today, our school councillors visited Sir Jonathon North Community College to meet other school councillors and to learn more about their role. The children thought carefully about their responsibilities and discussed their initial ideas about improving the school.


30/09/19 - Readathon

Our two week sponsored read starts today! On your marks, get set, read! We are helping to raise money for books in Leicester hospitals and also our school library.                                We will finish the sponsored read with DEAR on Friday 11th October when children, staff and parents will all ‘Drop Everything And Read’ at 2.45pm.


25/09/19 - More Able Writers’ Day

A small group of Year 5 and Year 6 children enjoyed spending the day with the author Nick Cook, for a More Able Writers' Day. They focussed on writing in role as a newsreader, weather person and storm chaser before using ICT techniques to bring the characters alive!


18/09/19 - Year 6 First Aid Workshop

Today, Year 6 took part in a special workshop led by Steve from St John’s Ambulance. They learnt lots of new skills including how to apply a bandage to a wound, the signs and treatments used for asthma and how to put somebody in the recovery position.


17/09/19 - Visitors to Year 6

Today, Year 6 met the head teacher from English Martyrs (Mr Carney) and two current sixth form students. One of the students, Daniel, came to Holy Cross and remembers having Miss Wilson as his Year 6 teacher. Both the students are applying to go to university. They told us lots about what life is like at English Martyrs and gave us the opportunity to ask lots of questions.


16/09/19 - Feast of the Holy Cross Mass

This morning, we had a Mass in our school hall to mark this special feast day.


16/09/19 - 21/09/19 - British Values: Democracy

This week, all classes have been thinking about  democracy and what it means to live in a democratic country. As part of this, Year 5 and Year 6 considered all the different things children at Holy Cross get the chance to vote for. For example, Golden Time activities and School Council representatives.


12/09/19 - Year 5/6 Assembly

Today, we met the head teacher from Samworth Academy. He told us all about secondary school and explained how it was different to primary school. We asked lots of questions to find out even more!


11/09/19 - New Walk Museum

Today, Year 5 and Year 6 had great fun finding out about the Ancient Egyptians. We enjoyed a very informative workshop and a chance to explore the museum.


6/09/19 - Eco Committee

The Eco Committee have regular meetings with Miss Scott. During these meetings, the group plan how to keep our school environmentally friendly. Thank you to those children in Year 5 and Year 6 who are a part of this.


6/09/19 - School Council

This week, all 3 classes voted for their school councillors. Well done to those children who were successful and will now represent their class at School Council meetings.


August 2019 - Welcome

Hello and welcome to a new school year!


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