Year 2

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September 2019

Welcome to Year 2!
It has been lovely to meet all the children over the last few days. They have all settled in well and enjoyed seeing their friends again. They are all working extremely hard to learn the new routines in Year 2, including learning how to draw a margin with a ruler!

This half term, our topic is called ‘Marvellous Me’, linking to our story ‘Super Me’. We are learning all about ourselves: our bodies, keeping healthy and safe, where we live –and much more! We hope the children enjoy learning how to be their best ‘super me’!

The children are clearly going to be working hard this year and we are all very excited to learn together in faith.

Mrs Gatward and Mrs Lison

Autumn 1

We enjoyed being super heroes this half term, we all became members of the super hero academy and worked on improving our superhero skills. We used this as inspiration for our story writing and instruction writing. We are all now getting used to the year 2 expectations.

In Year 2, we developed our understanding of numbers up to 100. We learnt more about the place value up to 100 and rediscovered how to order numbers from smallest to largest and vice versa. We will then look at addition and subtraction using number bonds.

In topic we learnt about our bodies, how we grow and change, the basic needs for human beings and also learnt how to keep healthy (diet, fitness and hygiene). In Geography, we explored where we live and the local area.

Autumn 2

This half term has started very well and we enjoyed reading a super hero poem and writing our own. Following this, we started our traditional tales topic, we have enjoyed sharing stories and thinking about how we can change traditional tales so they become journey stories. The story of the Blow your nose, Big Bad wolf helps us to come but with some ideas.

We have revised our addition and subtraction with numbers up to 100. This term we will also be learning how to multiply and divide, focusing upon groups of 2, 5 and 10. Later in the term we will be looking at 2D shapes and their properties.

In Religious Education we have been learning about Baptism, we had a baptism re-enactment and then learnt about the signs and symbols in a baptism. We have learnt about the importance of friendship and showing God’s love during anti bullying week and anti-racism week. We will soon be moving on to learning about Advent and waiting for Christmas.

We have linked our science and computing to traditional tales a lot and investigated the proprieties of materials and had bar pictogram to show our favourite traditional tales. Alongside we have learnt about Remembrance day and made our own clay poppies and learnt about why Bonfire night is celebrated yearly.

We are now busy working our KS1 Nativity – please come and watch on the 11th December!


Spring 1

Happy New Year from all of us in Year 2!

Well last term ended on a high with our fabulous nativity performance! During the last week of term, we went on a trip to De Montfort Hall to see Aladdin followed by our Christmas Crafts afternoon. Thank you to all those parents that could make it! Then, towards the end of the week, we had our Christmas lunch and celebrations and a surprise arrival of 30 Baby Bears to sit in our 30 wonderful chairs! It was an exciting way to end the term!

This term we are excited to be starting a topic called Castles, Kings and Queens. Within this topic, we will be investigating materials and their properties. Our class will investigate how solid shapes can be changed and then bend, squash, stretch and twist different solid materials to create a class shield. After finding out about materials, we will be using this knowledge to design and create a castle with a drawbridge. We will look at how to strengthen these models and how to incorporate a working mechanism. In art, we will be looking at ‘Castle and Sun’ by Cubist artist Paul Klee and recreating this with oil pastels and on the computers. We are delighted to be taking the children on a trip to Warwick Castle this half term, where they will be extending their learning to find out more about William the Conqueror and castle life. Our topic started with a discovery – we have found a dragon egg at Holy Cross! We will be using this to helps us use our imaginations to write some fabulous descriptions. What an exciting topic!

In RE we are thinking about important books in our lives and we will be focussing on the Bible and the different parts it is made up of. We will be looking at the Gospels and how Christians show them reverence in church.

We think this topic is going to great fun!

Reminder: Please send reply slips in for Warwick Castle (22.1.2020) as soon as possible.


Spring 2 

We had a very busy half term and we loved our trip to Warwick castle afterwards we had fun designing our own castles. We also had fun with our dragon egg and wrote some fantastic instructions about how to care for a dragon and descriptions about what dragon might have been in the egg - we never did find the dragon at Holy Cross!


This term we are learning about the animal kingdom and we are focusing on what animals, including humans need to survive and habitats. While learning about habitats we will look at the 5 oceans and 7 continents and develop our map skills. In Maths, we are learning about time and length. Please help your child to read the times o clock, quarter past, half past and quarter to the hour and to 5 minute intervals if they are confident.In English, we are writing finding stories where our main character finds something, there is a problem as a result which needs solving! We are using the book The Storm Whale as our model text. We will then focus on poetry.  In RE, we are learning more about Lent and preparing for Easter focusing on the Last Supper and how this is remembered in Mass. 


Key dates 

Year 2 SAT's information meeting -Thursday 5th March 2.30pm - All parents/carers welcome. 

Easter crafts afternoon - Tuesday 24th March 1.30pm - All parents/carers welcome.  

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