Year 1



Welcome back to the summer term!

Our topic this term is Animals. We will be learning about land mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. We will naming and identifying them, their body parts and if they are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores. We will be learning the story 'Where the Wild Things Are' and retell this story using conjunction and adjectives. In maths we are looking at identifying a half and a quarter of a shape and an amount. We will also be learning numbers to 100, telling the time for half past and the hour and being able to recognise coins and notes. We will learn about who Amelia Earhart is and why she is famous. Learning to name, identify and find the 7 continents and 5 main oceans on a map. Recognise the features of the season summer and be able to identify if a country is hot or cold due to its place near the equator. We will also be comparing Leicester city to the countryside. We will be learning about the artist Paul Klee and explore printing using different objects. 

Spring 2

Our topic this term is 'Food glorious Food'. We will be learning where food comes from, whether from animals or plants. We will learn if food comes from underground, on the ground, in bushes or trees. We will name and identify wild and common garden flowers and evergreen and deciduous trees. In English we will be learning the story The Little Red Hen and retell this in our own words. In Maths we are looking at multiplication and division, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and revisit word problems within 20. In Topic we will also be looking at which countries the UK is made up of and the oceans surrounding the UK. We really enjoyed learning about Irish dancing and the Loch Ness monster. We will be learning about who Queen Elizabeth I is and what food she ate. We will be creating a healthy snack of an apple pop to try and enjoy healthier snacks. 

Spring 1

As we enter another lockdown we are hoping to spread some joy and fun through our home learning. Please Click here for home school resources.

Our topic this term is 'Water World' and we started it off by seeing some pictures of what looked like an octopus in the pond! We began our journey of learning about octopuses to write our non-chronological report. We were amazed by the amazing things octopus can do! We learnt in maths about shapes 2D and 3D and continued learning numbers to 40. We also revisited our addition and subtraction skills to solve word problems. We then looked at measuring length and height of objects around our houses. We got set the challenge to find something taller and shorter than ourselves. In science we learnt to identify and name different fish and water mammals and coastal birds. We looked at their body parts and how they differed and what they ate. In geography we looked at naming the 5 main oceans and which is the largest and smallest. In history we learnt about Grace Darling who was very brave and rescued 9 sailors from a ship wreck during a storm.  

Autumn 2

Welcome back after a restful half term. Year 1 are ready to get stuck into their learning this term. We are all ready to start our new topic all about 'Toys!' we have been looking at some toys from the 1960-1990 and have been amazed by how much they have changed. We even had a go at some Victorian games such as hoop and stick and jack's. We have learnt the story 'The Gingerbread Man' and began to write a shortened version using our story structure of opening, build up, problem, resolution and ending. In maths we have looked at numbers to 20 and addition and subtraction equations and word problems. We have learnt lots of different methods such as counting on or backwards, crossing out and how to write the addition, subtraction and equals symbols. In science we are looking and identifying everyday materials. We have recognised wooden, metal, plastic and fabric in lots of toys. We even conducted our first science experiment on which material is best suited for a puppy's bed. In history we learnt about how toys have changed over the years and within our lifespan. We have also learnt the story behind why we celebrate bonfire night. We were very shocked at the wrong choices Guy Fawkes made! In D&T we designed, made and evaluated a simple toy of a ball and a cup. We had endless fun playing with these after. In PE we are learning about gymnastics and different shapes we can make with out bodies as well as balanced on points and flats. 




Welcome to Year 1's class page! 


It has been delightful to meet all the children in year 1 this week and the children have really enjoyed seeing friends and familiar faces they have not seen in a while.

We have loved getting to know our new classroom and the expectations of year 1. We especially like the monkey bars and playing on the computer. We have had such a busy start to the year using all the different areas and resources in the classroom and practicing skills we learnt last year. 

This term our topic is 'This is me'. We have been getting to know our likes and dislikes and have looked at our body parts. We named the different body parts including tricky ones like ankles, elbows and thighs. The children have really enjoyed playing heads, shoulders, knee and toes and an alternative one using different body parts. We have been busy using our body parts to play games outside and developing our physical development and ball skills.

We have been learning the story Little Daisy about a girl who went to her Grandmothers house with a basket of food, but met a few characters on the way who were hungry. Luckily she saved the chocolate for herself! We have been learning numbers within 10 and how to count by touching each one. We are getting really good at writing numbers to 10, though we still need to practice the tricky 9,7 and 5! We have been learning number bonds within 10 ready to help us with our addition and subtraction skills later in the month. We have been learning how to sketch and will be creating lots of sketches using different resources. We can't wait for you to see them! In RE we spoke about our families and how all our families are different but we are all a part of God's family. We have then looked at how we can show love and care in our homes to follow in Jesus' footstep. 

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