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Year 1

Welcome to year 1's class page

April 2018

Summer 1st Half Term

This term out topic is How Does Your Garden Grow. This is our planting topic where we learn all about different trees and flowers, both wild and garden ones. We will look at the different parts of a flower and try to name all the different ones. We will learn about evergreen and deciduous trees and how they are different. During History We will learn about Christopher Columbus, who he is and what he did to become famous. In our Geography sessions we will be looking different geographical features and vocabulary. In English we are looking at the story The Little Red Hen. Here we will learn to retell the story and write our own story about not being helpful. Following this we will be looking at writing instructions and imperative verbs. In Mathematics we will be looking at number up to 40, addition and subtrcations word problems. Followed by multiplication and division.

March 2018

Spring 2nd Half Term

This half term we start our new topic All creatures Great and Small. Here we will be looking at who David Attenborough is and why he is famous. In Geography we will be looking at the world we live in and comparing where we live to a Non-European country. In Science we are looking at different animals and all the different ways we can group them. For English we are learning the story Monkey See Monkey Do where we will learn the story and then write our own version changing the main characters. We are really loving this story and find it so funny that the monkeys copied the hat seller. In Mathematics we are looking at numbers up to 20 and what each digit means. We will look at reading and writing those tricky teen numbers and how the number changes past 10. We will then moved onto learning number bonds up to 20 and addition and subtracting within 20. We will look at concrete and pictorial methods to help us solve the problems. We have really loved using the number bond diagram to help us solve missing number problems.  

January 2018

Spring 1st Half Term

Welcome back after the Christmas holiday we hope you all had a lovely Christmas and a lovely start to the new year.

We have started our new topic of The Good, the Bad and the Useful. We are really excited to find out about famous people who had made some really useful objects to help us with our everyday. We are also really excited to have a good at making a good umbrella by looking at good, bad and useful materials. We will be looking at naming and identifying different materials and looking at their properties. We can wait to test out all the different materials to see which material is the most suitable for an umbrella.

In our English lessons we have started our topic by learning the story Handa's Surprise. We have tasted all the different seven delicious fruit Handa took to her friend and are using adventurous adjectives to describe them. We will then use these adjectives to write sentences about Miss Griffith's surprise and the seven delicious fruits she takes to her friend. Finally the children will write their own surprise for the hot task using adjectives and writing sentences with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

During our maths lessons we have started by looking at positions. We have looked at naming positions during a race and when in a queue from different directions. We will then also begin to use left and right language when describing where objects are. Following this our next topic will be numbers within 20 where we will look at place value of numbers larger than 10 and recognising and writing the digit and the name of numbers up to 20. We will then moved on to learning different methods for addition and subtraction within 20 recapping on our previous methods we learnt when learning addition and subtractions within 10.

During our RE lessons we are looking at special people and special people within the church. We will then move onto Meals where we learn about all the special meals around Easter.

Upcoming dates

23rd January Crown Hills Sports Trip

24th January Year 1 Liturgy

October 2017

Autumn 2nd Half Term

Welcome back after half term we hope you've had a lovely break.

This half term we have started our new topic Furious Fires. During this topic we will be learning about Diwali, the history behind Bonfire Night celebrations and the Great Fire of London. During our English lessons we have been learning The scarecrow poem and looking at rhyming words. We will then be looking at The Gingerbread Man, learning the story off by heart and having a go at retelling the whole story. We will then be looking at instructions for making Gingerbread Men  and writing instructions for our own gingerbread biscuit. We are so excited to eat lots of delicious gingerbread cookies!

During our Maths lessons we have been looking at number bonds within 10 and using the number bond diagram. We will then be looking at different methods for addition such as counting pictures, counting on and being able to recognise a small amount of objects without counting. Finally we will move onto learning method for subtraction including crossing out, taking objects away and counting backwards. Alongside this we will continue with number recognition and formation.

During RE lessons we are looking at what it means to belong and the signs and symbols of a Baptism. We will then later in the term look at the Jewish faith and start our final Autumn RE topic of Waiting where we will look at the story of the Nativity and the special time of Christmas.

Upcoming dates

5th December Pantomime Trip

14th December KS1 Nativity

September 2017

Autumn 1st Half Term

We have started the brand new academic year in our brand new classroom. We are really enjoying our new classroom with all our brand new table and chairs. This week we’ve enjoyed reading Tidy Titch and learning each other’s favourite toy. We’ve been looking at counting to 10 from zero and how to write their name as well as the number. We’ve had lots of fun using the ten frames to show different amounts in different ways. During our topic lessons we have been looking at labelling body parts. We have focused on labelling the body parts we find on our face. During our RE lessons we have been looking our families and why they are so special to us. We have also been learning that we are all part of God’s family and the Holy Cross community.


Class Prayer

Dear God,

Thank you for our school, the children and the teachers. Please help us to do our best in everything we do and learn new things. I will try to remember that you live in me and my friends. I will show your love to others and grow with you each day.




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