School Council

At Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, we are passionate about enabling our children to contribute to the constant process of improving our school. The School Council gives children the opportunity to voice their own opinions and make important decisions about key issues and aims to find new and exciting ways of raising money to benefit all our children. Ideas to improve all aspects of school life can be placed in a suggestion box or discussed with School Council representatives.

The Council is made up of two representatives from each year, who are elected by their peers after taking part in a challenging and democratic election process. As part of the School Council, the children are responsible for gathering suggestions from their own classes, whilst seeking out enterprising ideas of their own. The Council meets regularly to discuss a whole range of issues prompted by the needs of the children. The School Council is the true embodiment of ‘Pupil Voice’.

What does a School Councillor do?

  • We have meetings.
  • Our aim is to make school an even better place for everyone!
  • We raise money for good causes.
  • We meet visitors and new people to our school.
  • We make sure the pupils in our school have a voice.
  • We help to make decisions.
  • We try to make our school a happy place.
  • We get things DONE!
  • We make sure we look after the people in our school.

What kind of person makes a good School Councillor?

  • Good listener – everyone in the class has to feel comfortable talking to you.
  • Organised – it will be your responsibility to make sure meetings happen in your class on a regular basis.
  • Assertive – the opinions of your class are just as important as everyone else’s.
  • Efficient – class discussions must cover a lot of issues in a short space of time.
  • Fair- everyone has the right to express a point of view.
  • Good communicator – you need to be able to work with staff and students from across the school.
  • Pro-active – you need to ensure that you record issues, you report back, and if you have been given a task, you need to ensure that it is carried out.
  • Unbiased – a representative has to put forward issues regardless of their own point of view. (E.g. if you think it is trivial, if you disagree, if you think your issues are more important, or if you do not get on with the person suggesting them).
  • Committed – you can’t take on the role and then decide that you don’t want to do it anymore because it takes too much time or people want your attention. This role lasts one year. Before you agree to stand for election you must understand fully the commitment you are making.

What we have done so far this year:

  • Applied for our roles in our first school council meeting and received our badges!
  • Discussed what makes a good meeting
  • Been on a trip to have our school council training. We acted out good and bad meetings, we played some team building games and finally we made school council posters on ipads using a comic strip! We will stick these up around school.
  • Written a school council prayer
  • Made a thank you card for Bishop Patrick to say thank you for visiting our school
  • Made a thank you card for the leaders who helped us plant trees in our school field.
  • Created a video outlining the rules and expectations for lunchtimes, particularly the dining room. This was very fun to make. We then delivered this in a school council assembly.
  • Discussed suggestions from our suggestion boxes… some of the suggestions include a disco, a bike rack and a climbing frame. We are going to do more research about these.
  • Created some designs for a school pond.  We hope this will be built by the end of term (July 2019).
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