No Pens Wednesday November 2020

On Wednesday 25th November, children at Holy Cross took part in No Pens Wednesday!

Children enjoyed practising their speech, language and communication skills, and learning in different ways.



Children participated in a wide range of activities including:

  • story telling
  • problem solving
  • picture based inference
  • multi sensory spelling
  • maths games
  • puppet shows


But what did the children think?


"I thought it was fun because I liked the book in English where we were asking questions, predicting, inferring and using our background knowledge. It was making us really think about it and not just write."


"I liked it because instead of keeping our ideas in our heads, we chatted to each other more."


" I really liked it because sometimes when I am writing, my brain thinks faster than I can write, so it was nice to just say my thoughts rather than just writing it."


"It was the best day ever!"


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