No Pens Wednesday

What is No Pens Wednesday?

The aim of the day is to encourage spoken language and listening skills and raise awareness of their importance in education and beyond.

For one day, children in the school will put down their pens and all lessons and activities will have a focus on spoken language skills rather than writing skills.


Why are we taking part?

Reading and writing are very important, but people are often not aware of how important spoken language and listening skills are too. Schools that include spoken language in a planned and structured way for children in their lessons see improvement in their classroom involvement.


How will your child benefit?

No Pens Wednesday gives your child a chance to practise their spoken language and listening skills for a whole school day. Holy Cross pupils will be able to use what they have learnt from this day throughout the school year.




We will be celebrating No Pens Wednesday on:

Wednesday 25th November



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